Jesse Jackson Newest Person Who Must Go Away Now...

Maybe this is the essence of this summer of 2008. Prominent public officials saying things off the cuff and being busted for it. Part of the allure of working in the media (I work in local television news) for me was to find out how we in the business take part in the uproar that follows each questionable comment or action. I think I have a vague idea, but I think what's happened is that journalism (if it still can be called that) has gotten caught in a deep rut, and I don't think it knows how to free itself.
But back to Jesse Jackson...oh Jesse, what will we do when you leave us? This guy has been a constant source of entertainment my entire life. We can look forward to the rapidly approaching senile years, which will certainly be excellent.
What I don't get is how is Barack talking down to Black America? For saying black men need to take responsibility for their children? For encouraging better family lives? I don't get it. By the way, was Jesse even the one to say he wanted to cut the nuts out? Or was it that other guy sitting next to him?
We need to come up with a name for this group of people. Just as I write this, now Phil Graham is trying to get on the team with his saying Americans are "whiners" because of their complaining about the economy.


Obama portrayed as monkey in Japanese Cell Phone Ad

This is one of those weird ones... I'm not really sure how to feel. For one, Japan doesn't really have many black people, and I'm sure most Japanese have no idea describing a black person as a monkey is extremely offensive. Also, the company's previous commercials have featured the monkey, and it's a popular icon for them.

Then the other side of me thinks, how could they be so stupid? The ad would've been just as effective if they had not included the word change throughout. Barack Obama has come to embrace the word change in his campaign in the same sense as Bush took hold of the phrase compassionate conservatism. In this world of access to the rest of the world at a moment's notice, you would think this company would know better.

Then again, 30 years ago, this ad wouldn't even cause an uproar. And I'm not sure we're better off because our strong awareness of every creature's insensibilities. Have I fallen prey to the pussyfication of this country? I sure hope not.

Music of the SoL pt. 1...

I really like this, and I think it fits with the whole Summer of Lust theme. Apparently, Jay Z decided to cover Wonderwall because of some comment that Noel Gallagher of Oasis made about his disapproval of Jay Z as the headlining act at a Rock Festival. This video gave me the chills on multiple occasions, and I think it shows that the genre of the music doesn't matter, as long as it moves you...

A ballsy move by Jay Z, but I think he pulled it off. The fact is he probably did it for himself which fits perfectly into this whole blog idea. If it's good though, I guess it doesn't really matter...


All's Fair in Love and Uproar...

Wes Clark must be looking to be nominated...to the group of people who must go away for awhile. You know this group, the Don Imuses, Geraldine Ferraros, Trent Lotts, and Bill Mahers of the world. What do all these people have in common? They said something that, while awkward and politically incorrect, wasn't really thaaaaaaat bad.

There's a definite pattern to how these things work. The pressure begins to build. First, the evil-doer goes on CNN to defend his/her comments. Usually, they are pissed that the comments even drew criticism in the first place. They go on the record saying they absolutely will not take back the comments in question. But then the media picks up on something in their CNN Exclusive, and then the shit storm really starts, "Jimmy Badcomment in more hot water now..." is often how it sounds once it gets to the local news.

At this point, the offender gets backed into a corner. His/her most loyal associates have already condemned their comments, and most likely refuse to be photographed with the accused. Now the only route to go is to finally give in and apologize.

There's a weird double standard that comes into play that keeps me at a loss. Sometimes the little rapscallion will get away with the remarks based on past screwups. For example, Mike Tyson can get away with saying he is going to eat Lennox Lewis' children, but Bill Maher can be booted off of ABC because he questions the president's capability to handle crises. Jesse Jackson can call New York 'hymie-town', but Don Imus gets fired for saying the Rutger's Womens Basketball team was filled with nappy-headed hoes.

As a quick aside, what the hell were those girls thinking when they decided to sue claiming extreme emotional harm? What a bunch of na............yeah right, like I'm gonna ruin my career before it even gets started.

Back to the point, though. I think what happens is that public persons have a certain level of credibility that is given to them by the public. Depending on how shocking of a comment they make, they lose a reciprocal amount of the respect they've garnered. Once that person sinks below the point of treading water, the public essentially gives up on the guy/girl, and they become a sideshow. Think of Dick Cheney talking shit about West Virginia...the guy gets such little respect from the public, it's just a bad joke now.

In the end, I hope Wes Clark sticks by what he said, and doesn't have to pay the piper for his insensitive remarks, as the McCain people are calling them. The fact is, being tortured for 5 years, yet never giving up, is the definition of courage. But, being president isn't just about being tough. No matter how many back-lashings and electrocutions you can withstand, it doesn't directly translate to how effective of a leader you'll be. As unfortunate as it sounds, being president requires important policy decisions, not just the balls of a gorilla.