I'm Embarassed to be an American Right Now

When I saw this on my TV screen, the first thought I had was, PLEASE GOD, DON'T LET THESE GUYS BE AMERICANS. They have to be from Lithuania or something. Or even better, please be from Russia. At least that would give me another reason to despise them more.

More than anyone, I love a good joke-- I'm currently sporting a mustache just for shits and giggles. But these guys, whether or not they're serious or joking, must be eliminated from the planet.

Then, moments later, this image came across the screen:

It's not enough that we are going to get blown away in the gold medal count, but now, 3 of the few Americans who actually could afford to go to Beijing have to be these assholes


I'm Tired of the Chinese Deception

Look, I don't buy anything in these Olympics. I still love the Games, and I can't wait for Vancouver 2010 and London 2012. However, the Chinese Officials in charge have made this whole thing a charade. It wouldn't surprise me if they rigged things for Michael Phelps so that the American Public would have something to hold on to, so that we aren't talking about the total screw-job the American gymnasts have been receiving on an almost daily-basis. Shitty judging, infantile competitors, and every other advantage they can possibly conceive, is what our ladies have had to deal with. It sucks and now, it looks as though the U.S. will lose the Gold Medal count.

I hope the Chinese are satisfied.


She is A HE...and He is only 13 years old!

She of the missing baby tooth, Chinese gymnast, He Kexin might be too young to be gymnastic-ing...or tumbling--whatever it's called. China's State-run press even says so. Now like everything else in these Olympics, the truth comes out and the Chinese continue to hide behind a facade. I don't even know why it's so important to me that the U.S. do well in this year's Summer Games. I'm not overwhelmingly, get an American flag tattoo, patriotic, but I know that I hope we beat the Chinese, rub their faces in the dirt, then take their hottest women home with us. It's not that they are cheaters (which they are), because we have cheated too. It's the whole attitude of if we can't do amazing things with the cards we've been dealt, we'll just fake it, offer no apologies, and F you to anyone who thinks there's anything wrong with that. I like it though; it's good to have an adversary that really gets your blood boiling. So I say this, it's go time, Team America, about time to show the world who wants it the most (if the cards aren't stacked against us too much).



Tonight, the first real head-to-head showdown between they of the faked footstep fireworks, and lip-syncing little girl versus the balls and bravado of the Red, White, and Blue.

It's come out recently that the Chinese fudged quite a bit of the Opening Ceremonies. Those footsteps leading to the Bird's Nest? Computer Generated Graphics. That adorable little girl who sang the Anthem? She was lip-syncing! And the Chinese Government doesn't give two shits about International Opinion. It was in the country's National Interest When it comes to winning and showing that they are a force to be reckoned with, the Chinese will leave nothing to chance. It got me thinking, what else would they do to win?

Anything is the only valid answer. Speaking of little girls, those awfully young-looking girls from the Chinese team have the advantage of going last tonight, but hopefully our ladies can make it happen. It's not enough that the home team is blasting their music in the arena for their performances, they also are using 10 year olds (that feel no pain, mind you) for the competition. This matchup will go a long way in determining who wins the medal count. Like I've said before, the "Winner" of these Olympics will determine collective national feeling both our country and theirs. If we can take it (in as memorable a fashion as possible, hopefully), I honestly believe the mood of the country will improve, and you'll see bright times ahead. Lose, and it begins to feel like all those worries we've been having about the Chinese overtaking us as the dominant power begin to become more realistic.

One last thought? When did China start putting out 7-footers? I know they have about a billion and a half people, but correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Chinese known for being somewhat of a short people? I'm glad they did (Rockets fan here), but it just seems fishy...


And So it Begins...

So far it looks like these 2008 Olympics are going to be the epic struggle NBC has been hoping for. It's still really early, but the Americans have so far kept pace with the surging Chinese. It's been the swimmers that have kept Uncle Sam's squad afloat, and there should be many more chances to pull some precious medals from the pool.

It felt great to see our guys make the Frenchies eat their words. It couldn't have been scripted any better: the guy who talks the most shit loses it in the last 25 meters! And the celebration was perfectly suited for the moment. The one place where NBC blew it had to be during the National Anthem. 75% of the song featured close-ups of Michael Phelps, as if he needs any more exposure. The person they should've showed is Jason Lezak. The dude makes up for past Olympic failures by going out and swimming the fastest split ever. 'Phuckin Phelps', as I'm calling him, has 6 more podiums, interviews with Leno, Wheaties boxes, and countless opportunities for national facetime. Odds are, two weeks from now, Jason Lezak will be a name we'll only hear every four summers and that will probably be only as a sidebar to any Michael Phelps montages...give the man some pub!

So after three full days of the Games, the U.S. trails in both the overall and gold metal count, but it's still early. Because of the scheduling, the Americans are notoriously slow starters. The Chinese have picked up a ton of golds in weightlifting (one of our weakest sports--speaking of weightlifting, how painful does that look?). Don't you worry however, there's plenty of magic left in that '97 Hummer with the Stars and Stripes paint-job. Watch out China, there's a freight train comin' and you better get off the tracks...


Russia invades former republic on day of Olympic Opening Ceremony

Only Russia pulls this! There's this informal pledge around the world to try to stand down during the Games. What does Russia do? They invade their former republic. On the day of the Opening Ceremonies! They have balls, these guys...

I hope the International Olympic Committee holds them responsible. Look, the Russian athletes have nothing to do with what their government/army is doing, but it's time someone remind the Ruskies about how things work. Except, it has to be someone else who tells them. Right now, we would be the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Our word and our dollar mean very little right now; the other big fish need to start adding something to the tank.

And so begins the 2008 Summer Games, should be a weird 2 weeks...

The Olympic Test...

Later today and over the next two weeks, the world will witness the ONE true test of a country's well-being: the Olympics. This year's games have even more riding on them because of the host country's potential place in the world is at stake.

Ahh, China... everyone wants to like you, but you don't make it very easy. This is supposed to be your "coming-out party", but unfortunately the only invited guests are those who are sympathetic to your views or are uncompelled to express any dissent. Hey , I love parties, and it sucks when that one dude with the bad attitude shows up. He always does; there's no stopping him and it's best to just deal with it (not beat the guy and throw him into a 3x6x3 box to rot for the rest of his days). I think the world would be more trusting of China and its people if they didn't come across as being so sneaky. And it's not just the out-in-the-open sneakiness (quite the oxymoron) that bothers me, but what really chaps my ass, is the facade the Chinese people have been putting on (or have been forced to put on). 'We are so happy to welcome you to our games. We hope you will find our country most accommodating' is what they'll say. My best guess is that for the next two-and-a-half weeks, the Chinese Government will make every journalist as comfortable as possible, showering them with gifts and pro-China literature, all to assure that during their time in Beijing, nothing will seem amiss. Even one of China's most vocal critics, a homegrown movie-maker, has given in and is producing the spectacle that is the opening ceremonies.

These Olympics are also a test for every other participating country, too. Here in the U.S., right now, we are beginning to doubt our own greatness. For the first time in my life, the United States is not a given to win the medal count. We may not win the gold in basketball (a sport we invented, and first shared with the world only 16 years ago). Not only that, our athletes seem to have been instructed to not to rock any boats. It's as if they've been told if they speak out, they can forget about that Tonight Show appearance. Sport was the one place you could count on American success; by taking the biggest, fastest, and strongest from around the world and making them ours, we could exercise our dominance over other, less viable countries. Our best and brightest would then get freedom to talk about any injustices they know of. Now our best and brightest (i.e. The US Men's Basketball Team) stay at the Four Seasons and never consider doing anything that may upset their regular stream of income back at home.

I truly believe these Olympics will determine where the world and our standing in it go from here. What's the best way to motivate to win? Through fear and consequence or through self-driven determination. There are two schools of thought and only one will come out the victor.

As for the people of China, they face the toughest test of all: the test of human spirit. With more than 300, 000 security cameras in place and switched on, it will be tougher than ever to voice any kind of dissent. Today is the first day in the rest of one and a half billion lives and the landscape of history in China will be altered forever. If China dominates in the games and quells every protest without too much international media attention, their product will be ready for export, just like about everything else we buy in America.


Jesse Jackson Newest Person Who Must Go Away Now...

Maybe this is the essence of this summer of 2008. Prominent public officials saying things off the cuff and being busted for it. Part of the allure of working in the media (I work in local television news) for me was to find out how we in the business take part in the uproar that follows each questionable comment or action. I think I have a vague idea, but I think what's happened is that journalism (if it still can be called that) has gotten caught in a deep rut, and I don't think it knows how to free itself.
But back to Jesse Jackson...oh Jesse, what will we do when you leave us? This guy has been a constant source of entertainment my entire life. We can look forward to the rapidly approaching senile years, which will certainly be excellent.
What I don't get is how is Barack talking down to Black America? For saying black men need to take responsibility for their children? For encouraging better family lives? I don't get it. By the way, was Jesse even the one to say he wanted to cut the nuts out? Or was it that other guy sitting next to him?
We need to come up with a name for this group of people. Just as I write this, now Phil Graham is trying to get on the team with his saying Americans are "whiners" because of their complaining about the economy.


Obama portrayed as monkey in Japanese Cell Phone Ad

This is one of those weird ones... I'm not really sure how to feel. For one, Japan doesn't really have many black people, and I'm sure most Japanese have no idea describing a black person as a monkey is extremely offensive. Also, the company's previous commercials have featured the monkey, and it's a popular icon for them.

Then the other side of me thinks, how could they be so stupid? The ad would've been just as effective if they had not included the word change throughout. Barack Obama has come to embrace the word change in his campaign in the same sense as Bush took hold of the phrase compassionate conservatism. In this world of access to the rest of the world at a moment's notice, you would think this company would know better.

Then again, 30 years ago, this ad wouldn't even cause an uproar. And I'm not sure we're better off because our strong awareness of every creature's insensibilities. Have I fallen prey to the pussyfication of this country? I sure hope not.

Music of the SoL pt. 1...

I really like this, and I think it fits with the whole Summer of Lust theme. Apparently, Jay Z decided to cover Wonderwall because of some comment that Noel Gallagher of Oasis made about his disapproval of Jay Z as the headlining act at a Rock Festival. This video gave me the chills on multiple occasions, and I think it shows that the genre of the music doesn't matter, as long as it moves you...

A ballsy move by Jay Z, but I think he pulled it off. The fact is he probably did it for himself which fits perfectly into this whole blog idea. If it's good though, I guess it doesn't really matter...


All's Fair in Love and Uproar...

Wes Clark must be looking to be nominated...to the group of people who must go away for awhile. You know this group, the Don Imuses, Geraldine Ferraros, Trent Lotts, and Bill Mahers of the world. What do all these people have in common? They said something that, while awkward and politically incorrect, wasn't really thaaaaaaat bad.

There's a definite pattern to how these things work. The pressure begins to build. First, the evil-doer goes on CNN to defend his/her comments. Usually, they are pissed that the comments even drew criticism in the first place. They go on the record saying they absolutely will not take back the comments in question. But then the media picks up on something in their CNN Exclusive, and then the shit storm really starts, "Jimmy Badcomment in more hot water now..." is often how it sounds once it gets to the local news.

At this point, the offender gets backed into a corner. His/her most loyal associates have already condemned their comments, and most likely refuse to be photographed with the accused. Now the only route to go is to finally give in and apologize.

There's a weird double standard that comes into play that keeps me at a loss. Sometimes the little rapscallion will get away with the remarks based on past screwups. For example, Mike Tyson can get away with saying he is going to eat Lennox Lewis' children, but Bill Maher can be booted off of ABC because he questions the president's capability to handle crises. Jesse Jackson can call New York 'hymie-town', but Don Imus gets fired for saying the Rutger's Womens Basketball team was filled with nappy-headed hoes.

As a quick aside, what the hell were those girls thinking when they decided to sue claiming extreme emotional harm? What a bunch of na............yeah right, like I'm gonna ruin my career before it even gets started.

Back to the point, though. I think what happens is that public persons have a certain level of credibility that is given to them by the public. Depending on how shocking of a comment they make, they lose a reciprocal amount of the respect they've garnered. Once that person sinks below the point of treading water, the public essentially gives up on the guy/girl, and they become a sideshow. Think of Dick Cheney talking shit about West Virginia...the guy gets such little respect from the public, it's just a bad joke now.

In the end, I hope Wes Clark sticks by what he said, and doesn't have to pay the piper for his insensitive remarks, as the McCain people are calling them. The fact is, being tortured for 5 years, yet never giving up, is the definition of courage. But, being president isn't just about being tough. No matter how many back-lashings and electrocutions you can withstand, it doesn't directly translate to how effective of a leader you'll be. As unfortunate as it sounds, being president requires important policy decisions, not just the balls of a gorilla.


Bob Barr, who's he?

Out of curiosity, I was browsing campaign jobs the other day. Mostly for Obama and McCain, but also senators and advocacy groups. And then I came across this posting for a Web design job in support of Bob Barr. Bob Barr, who is he?

Oh, right. He's the Libertarian candidate for president in 2008, but you would never know. I think I follow a decent amount of politics and I didn't know who he was. Why?

After glancing through his Web site, I went to CNN.com to find out what was being said about him. Let's look at the candidates for president in 2008:

Ok, so that's just the Republicans and Democrats. And I get why CNN.com might just highlight those to candidates, given America's preoccupation with a two party system. So let's click around, get to Bob's page.

Not there. Apparently no political party other than the Democrats and Republicans exists. At least that's what CNN.com wold have you believe.

I am not in shock that Bob Barr is not getting constant coverage, but the fact that CNN.com does not even list (it is the Internet, there is unlimited space... )who the independent candidates is shocking. Utterly, shocking.

The Internet allows information to spread like wild fire. But, if most American's are going to the same online news sources, that information is still being filtered. Mainstream media still exists, even if in a virtual world.

No where in our constitution does it say we operate on a two party system. In fact, one of our greatest political minds, George Washington, warned against political political parties. But, we do have a history of not being able to admit we are wrong. Can anyone say Military Industrial Complex?

A test for YouTube and all that it implies. Mainstream media versus a free flow of ideas. Can the Internet break us out of a two party system and truly create an age of information for all? Or will it be stifled by mainstream media and money?

Let's go Barr. I could use that design job.


North Pole Ice May Melt???

I'm watching CNN, and a story comes on the TV that says the North Pole Ice Cap may melt for the FIRST TIME IN RECORDED HISTORY. The anchor read the story as if she were talking about the world's first Spanish speaking dog. Apparently, the Northwest Passage near Alaska is passable for the first time and there is about a 50-50 chance the North Pole will melt by September. Is anyone else worried about this? It seems to me that if the polar ice cap melts this summer, we might be in a little bit of trouble. If this is something that has never happened in history, this is unchartered territory, and who really knows what to expect or how to appropriately adjust? The only advice I have (and I should heed these words of wisdom, myself) is that now may not be the best time to live near coastlines...


On a potential Phish Reunion

So, Page McConnell, keyboardist of Phish, posted on the band's website to address the rumors that had been floating around about a Phish reunion. The message boards lit up like Times Square on New Years Eve, and immediately the questions of where the first show will be, what will they play, will there be an album first, and so on. Look, I am as excited as the next guy, but I wonder what this proposed version of Phish 3.0 will look like.

The second time they retired, I really thought it was for the best. In tours leading up to summer of '04, the band seemed to be trying to hold onto something that hadn't been there since the late 90's. Now, I don't want to sound like all the righteous old-school Phishheads out there who say there wasn't a single good show after 1997, but it definitely wasn't the same. I saw my first show summer of '98 (which hardly qualifies as old-school), and I can remember getting tapes (yes, tapes) that were so amazing that I couldn't believe the band would let their fans freely trade these magic moments. The It Festival was a ton of fun, but I recall hearing/reading that Trey was spending all of his time offstage in his personal trailer, hardly a healthy way to be spending your freetime.

The one thing I think fans don't realize is that these guys (as ridiculously talented as they are), are just human beings. And even if they possess some kind of secret or magic, in the end, they are just 4 guys. Can you imagine what it's like to constantly hear from people that you've changed their lives? Not just occasionally, but at a regular basis, in just about every place you go. And your kid's t-ball game can't be viewed in peace without some dreadlocked chick in a Worst Show Ever t-shirt coming by to ask you when you're gonna play Fluffhead again.

But then again, no band seemed to capture the mood of the sometimes light, sometimes dark era of the nineties, the way way they did. Yes, in a way their music spoke to people, but not in a political context, and I would argue that most fans appreciate their interconnected skill at their instruments far more than anything else about the band. When the lights dropped on a Phish show, you never knew what to expect, but you could be sure that the music would take everyone in attendance for a ride.

Another item to point out: Coventry (Phish's final show in their home state of Vermont) was supposed to be a fitting end to a storied career. Except that didn't happen. Rain made much of the venue uncampable, and fans were told to turn around because they would be denied entry to the site. Some still persisted and walked more than 5 miles and WERE allowed in, meaning those who turned back were left to regret their decision. If that wasn't enough, the band played terribly, most notably guitarist/lead vocalist Trey Anastasio-who seemed noticably intoxicated troughout the weekend. It got so bad, half of the final song-the bow that was supposed to wrap up a career- was played in the WRONG key.

If they do come back, these are the questions that have to be answered...
1) Will they practice?
Not just rehearse, but really practice. Practice the complex chord progressions and changes as well as jamming. Trey once said he doesn't want them to ever become a nostalgia act, well, the best way to avoid that from ever happening is practicing the way they did in the early 90's.

2) Will they be healthy?
Obviously drugs came into play later in their careers, but also what is extremely important is for their relationships with each other to be good. I never liked the whole no talking about the show rule, but they need to do whatever it takes to have open communication between each other.

3) Will fans give them a break?
This is probably most important. You know who you are out there. Stop trying to test the possible levels of intoxication on a nightly basis. STOP! You do NOT need two hits of mescaline, a couple of Xan-bars, some coke, some speed, and bottle of Jaegar to enjoy the show. Also, if you see the band, try to somewhat respect their privacy. They want to hang as much as you do, and your best shot is NOT to come charging towards one of them as they get off the elevator. If you do encounter one of the members of Phish or their crew, a simple 'Hi' or 'Great Show' will suffice. Just chill people, idol-worship won't get you anywhere closer towards
personal enlightenment.

In the end, I am just happy that I am continuing to inch along and move a few steps closer to hearing You Enjoy Myself once again with 15-75,000 of my closest friends. I hope this time has served them and their fans well.

Galactic Concert Stopped in VA

from UPI...
NORFOLK, Va., June 23 (UPI) -- California rapper Raymond "Boots" Riley reportedly was charged with using foul language onstage at the Bayou Boogaloo music festival in Norfolk, Va.

Riley was performing as a guest musician with the New Orleans funk band Galactic Saturday night in Norfolk's Town Point Park when his profane language drew complaints from the audience, which included many families, the Newport News (Va.) Daily Press reported.

This still happens??? When I first heard this, I was a little shocked. Bad language at a concert? People were offended and had the show shut down? In Virginia? Never...

Actually, I shouldn't have been shocked at all. This country is full of uptight white people and we can't be having our kids corrupted by foul language at a concert, gangster rap and Howard Stern.

"To those who attended The Bayou Boogaloo Galactic concert Saturday night," the promoters said in a statement on its Web site. "We regret that our guests were exposed to profanity used during the performance. Appropriate action was taken to end the concert immediately and the musician responsible has been charged with abusive language by the Norfolk Police Department. This type of behavior is not tolerated by Norfolk Festevents and we sincerely apologize for this incident."

Did anybody ask Boots to stop cussing? What's the punishment for cussing? Is Galactic going to be banned from entering Virginia ever again? Is the FCC gonna find a way to fine the makers of the microphones they were using?

Oooohhhh Don Imus, you're gonna have to be sent away...

So there you go, I-man. Just face it, when you start talking race, it never works out well. It just sounds bad coming from a guy who looks like the crypt-keeper in a cowboy hat. And with that voice...it sounds like what I imagined to be the boogey man when I was a kid. The real problem is that you set a standard with the nappy-headed hoes comment. Race just isn't an area that someone like you (representing the old establishment) should enter.

It's kind of sad, really. As ignorant as someone like Imus is, whatever happened to the market place of ideas where the public would filter those who displayed their idiocy. Even if Imus WAS standing up for equal rights, it sounds shitty coming from someone who epitomizes the term, honky.

Imus may get away with this one, though. Last time, insulting a underdog women's basketball team caused an uproar. Now, that it's Pacman Jones (not such a lovable character by any means), Imus will probably squeak by. Who wants to come to the defense of a guy whose most notable accomplishment is to be responsible for the catch phrase, 'MAKE IT RAIN!!!!"?


First Russert, then Carlin, who will be there to set 'em straight?

Luke had a message on our whiteboard for me to wake up to Monday. It read: '3rd celebrity death, George Carlin 1937-2008'. He was referring to the recent deaths of Jim McKay and Tim Russert, and you know how bad things come in threes, so...

Here's the problem with that conclusion: George Carlin was only the 2nd of 3. Look, what Jim McKay was able to do during the '72 Olympics was extraordinary. As good as McKay was, the public never counted on him to be the voice to set the establishment straight.

In two completely different ways, Tim Russert and George Carlin were able to hold the powerful accountable. Russert, with his incredible knowledge and research, asked Washington's most important politicians tough questions, while Carlin constantly pointed out hypocrisies of American culture.

Help the SoL move up on google search

So the other day, I was trying to see if our little blog was even in the top ten results of the all-important google search. Below, you can see what exactly I saw...that's right, fourth listing down...a gay video review. As the great thinkers of our era, Seinfeld and Costanza would say, 'not that there's anything wrong with that'; it's just that we need a little notoriety to this thing, and how can we be taken seriously when the results above us are a Jewish teen boy experiencing an Italian summer of lust and a German gay porno called Sommergeil?

So, I was worried that this doesn't quite fit with the whole Summer of Lust concept. Then I realized, the ability for the gays to express themselves with porn movies (and for those movies to be featured so prominently) is as lusty as it gets. I don't have the slightest problem with the gay lifestyle. In fact, I'm happy for those who feel comfortable enough with their lives to express who they are (and who they want to do) to the world. It's just a little unnerving seeing the words "whopping uncut cocks" right above the words of genius that come from this blog.


Social unrest, virtually

As of June 20th, summer officially started. And so, then, has the summer of lust. But if you stop and look around, the country seems eerily silent for a period of claimed social unrest.

Where are the protesters? The uprisings? The riots? Already by this time in 1968 police had clashed with citizens and organizations across the country. Today, campuses across the nation are quiet with a generation of Americans who have always been called apathetic. Sure the violence and theatrics of the summer of love might not be present today, but this is the summer of lust and a culture of instant gratification.

Despite appearances, the protesters are there. The voice of opposition is ringing loud and clear. You will not find the modern demonstrator pouring into the streets, but rather flooding the virtual world. The Internet, the defining characteristic of a generation of Americans, has drastically changed how the people choose to let their voice be heard.

Why put in the effort into going outside, standing in blistering heat, becoming hoarse from making your point of view heard, dealing with crowds of people, and put yourself at risk with authorities when you can sit in the safety of your home in your underwear? I could be in my underwear right now. And I probably haven’t taken a shower.

The point is America has taken to their keyboard rather than the picket sign.

With organizations such as moveon.org and dividedwefail.org, grassroots has moved virtual. Moveon.org, who is backing Obama, has created a challenge to tell McCain and Bush Part Deux apart. They are using contributions from millions of people to advance their cause. They are creating television spots that are not only airing nationally, but are being aired on youtube.com, such as this one here:

The idea is to release the spots virtually, generate buzz, and then convince people to donate enough money to have it air on network television. It might seem a passive route for such a passionate call to action. Is this generation phoning in it's political activism?

According to the end of the above spot, over 3 million people contributed money to the organization. Now imagine 3 million people protesting outside the White House. One is more dramatic of course, but the sentiment is there. The opposition to the establishment is present and they would probably like to not be called apathetic anymore-- it hurts their feelings.

This leaves us at an interesting cross section, perhaps one more interesting than the one of 1968. Three points to ponder:

1. The new generation of Americans are babies. Society raised them with so many safety nets they do not really know how to fend for themselves, more or less succeed in a major political movement.

2. The new generation of Americans are shocked. They are experiencing for the first times in their lives a dim view of America. They grew up with economic prosperity, a quick, decisive win in the Persian Gulf, and the general idea that America was untouchable. Today, that idea is crumbling in the minds of the younger generation.

3. The new generation of Americans are virtual. Anything that their country doesn't provide for them or their parents didn't give them, they can get online. Education, protesting, sex, banking, research, sex, friendship (social networking), gambling, jobs and sex. It's all online at the click of a button. Instant gratification.

I think it is going to take a large event to get this generation into the streets. And it is going to be interesting to see how a virtual political movement plays out. And if and how the virtual protests with meld with in person clashed with authorities. Either way, summer is here and the heat is on.


Welcome to the Summer of Lust 2008

Welcome to the "Summer of Lust", as we now have a world of instant gratification. '67 and '68 were summers of 'love' - everyone wanted to "love the one they were with" rather than "superman that ho". Forty years ago it was "Ask not what your country can do for you...".