She is A HE...and He is only 13 years old!

She of the missing baby tooth, Chinese gymnast, He Kexin might be too young to be gymnastic-ing...or tumbling--whatever it's called. China's State-run press even says so. Now like everything else in these Olympics, the truth comes out and the Chinese continue to hide behind a facade. I don't even know why it's so important to me that the U.S. do well in this year's Summer Games. I'm not overwhelmingly, get an American flag tattoo, patriotic, but I know that I hope we beat the Chinese, rub their faces in the dirt, then take their hottest women home with us. It's not that they are cheaters (which they are), because we have cheated too. It's the whole attitude of if we can't do amazing things with the cards we've been dealt, we'll just fake it, offer no apologies, and F you to anyone who thinks there's anything wrong with that. I like it though; it's good to have an adversary that really gets your blood boiling. So I say this, it's go time, Team America, about time to show the world who wants it the most (if the cards aren't stacked against us too much).

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